Originally in its shorter form was a Fashion Film featuring the 2017 couture for our client Hendrixroe for Toronto Mens Fashion Week, This story has grown in to a fashion short we would love to share with you before we publish.


From Directing Team Kyle Travis Young and Zenon Turczyn, The short length fashion film Pulchritudinous Genesis debuted the Hendrixroe 2017 line. In its full length this film will be the first Canadian film to feature the poetry of poet T.S. Elliot as a backdrop to the story of "fading star". Cameron Geddes offers a incredible performance as he makes this subtle plea that could save himself from a "devistatingly beautiful" act.




a (re)birth of devistating beauty. 
Concept: Jordan Erin McKay
Fashion film created and concieved by HENDRIXROE
Produced and Directed by NXTLVL DIGITAL MEDIA
Director: Kyle Travis Young and Zenon Turczyn

Editor: Kyle Travis Young
Couture: Hendrixroe
Cast: Cameron Geddes, Abbie Oliviera, Mark Short, Alex Ryan, Alsndra, Ky Thompson, Dylon Chandler, Yoko Gold

Hair: Michelle Amorim
Beauty/Grooming: Micah Gilbert


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