the butterfly effect


Redemption by rain. Natural altruism.

"No one would go freely, if we knew ahead of time what love would ask of us."

In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state.

The same happens in a toxic relationship. Beautiful, pure, and sometimes divine intentions can result in a tsunami of emotion,  a hellish storm, or a fire out of control based off of one action.

In this story we follow two lovers who start out with a romantic dinner date. Its a dinner table in the middle of no-where. We sit down to a home cooked meal set against a desert sunset backdrop..its surreal its like the joshua tree. .dinner is served...two candles are lit and we cheers. A butterfly lands on the table and flaps its wings once. The date immediately starts to go awry. As tensions erupt - one candle is blown out in anger and the other hits the table and starts a fire. It's in epic slow motion. The couple, so immersed in their conflict doesn't realize they've lit the entire thing on fire. They stand facing the fire, it burns to the ground as they watch helplessly and in awe.

It rains. They look at one another. Their story ends. 

All of this is offset visually and inter-cut by the effects of a butterfly's wings - we see the movement it mimics water, lava, and cloud movement until finally an electrical storm moves in to put out the fire.

*The butterfly has its own small story.




The symbolism is so thick.

Between our two heros there is a poetic justice that matches the emotions. With the help of green screen their struggle to have a dinner is augmented by an epic romantic backdrop. We see that each one has an epic story, each hasnt been listened to or experienced by one another . There's an altercation , they stand and  unknowingly -   The table is ablaze. Before we know it they are bound by the emergency that there's  burning  table. They are set together and apart  by an object that has bound them which is now on flames.

We go wide, the table billows fire. They are frozen and steadfast.

We end on a tight. Our first butterfly has a flame on his wing, She circles around frantically trying to extinguish the flames.. It's had its own struggle, small and simple and horrific. She's been a fatal warning. Finally,  The butterfly is rendered lifeless. Our hearts break. The "Look what you've done" in each others eye turns into an empathy we cant ignore.It turns to solace. It pours.

Together they feel uncertain but somehow tethered.


We see a burnt butterfly.

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