boys with cameras.

Zenon Turczyn - Creative Producer

Zenon has a fire for turning client concepts into a reality. Diversely experienced in filmmaking, videography and photography he discovers the unexpected through his fervid sense of "now".


Educated at Queens University, with a post graduate in Advanced Film and Television from Sheridan College. 

An avid member of the film community in Canada, Zenon is the creative director for the thriving South Western International Film Festival, which over the past two years has become a huge success and continues to grow. Its mandate is to make film accessible, to provide workshops and talk backs, to the community in Southern Ontario with a strong focus on diverse programming.  

Kyle  Travis Young - Creative Director

Is an award winning multi-disciplinary artist and fillmmaker. With extensive training in the arts, in illustration and across multiple theatre platforms, he brings quite a bit to the table as a visual storyteller. 

Emotion driven and storybased video art has become his area of expertise through an expansive arts education and career. 

As an Editor Kyle has become conversant through self training. His aspiration to create content that is ahead of the latest trend stems from his ardor for compelling visuals, and theatrical storytelling.

In 2012, Zenon and Kyle began their partnership working on Several short films together. In late 2015 nxtlvl digital media was formed. In their first year of business they have delivered stunning content for their quickly growing client list and established themselves as one of the hardest working teams in the business.

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126 Ossington Avenue

Toronto Ontario


Tel: 416.420.2000

Tel: 647.240.5764


open door policy

staying in touch with our community is important to us. If you're a tastemaker, an artist, or a creative we want to know you. Feel free to introduce yourself, we can never have too many of the right kind of friends.

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